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LMMPO Code of Conduct

Professional Ethics   

All employees of Life Makers Meeting Place  

Organization (“LMMPO” or “the Organization”) will be obliged to adhere to the professional standards that govern the activities of LMMPO. 


There is a strict rule of confidentiality in regard to all concerns and affairs of the Organization.  In speaking of the “Organization”, we include Life Makers Meeting Place Organization (LMMPO). Employees will not, without the consent of the Organization, either during the continuation or after termination of the term of service, divulge or disclose any of the secrets, concerns or affairs of the Organization.  

The breach of this condition of employment has extreme serious consequences and shall, if proved, be grounds for summary dismissal.  



In accepting the employment offer, a staff member shall be deemed to have assigned to the Organization the copyright in respect of all works of which he/she is the author or joint author and which are directly or indirectly the products of his/her employment by, or association with, the Organization.   

It must be noted that:   

A breach of the copyright rules is a serious breach of contract and appropriate sanctions will be applied.  

Prior to disciplinary action being taken, the breach must be reported to and discussed with the Senior Management of LMMPO. 


Corruption and bribery  

The Organization’s stance towards bribery and corruption is that of zero-tolerance and as a result all forms of bribery and corruption are prohibited.  The staff member agrees to abide by LMMPO Anti-Corruption policies and procedures and to report any breaches or potential breaches he/she become aware of, as soon as practically possible, through the prescribed procedures.  


Information Security  

During the course of the Agreement, the staff member will be exposed to the Organization’s information provided from a variety of sources e.g. reports, financial statements, research papers.  


Conduct and Devotion   

All staff shall at all times conduct themselves honestly and properly in the course of their duties.  Staff shall devote their whole time, attention and ability in the performance of their duties.  During the course of employment, staff shall not engage, without the Organization’s permission, directly or indirectly in any other business or occupation.  


Illegal or Immoral Activities 

LMMPO is committed to the highest level of ethical and legal conduct and expects the same from all employees and volunteers. Engaging in illegal or immoral activities of any sort may be the basis for dismissal or other appropriate disciplinary actions. 

Dress code 

The objective in establishing a dress code is to allow employees to work comfortably in the workplace and at the same time to present a professional image to different stakeholders and Organization visitors. 

The guidelines established for dress code are listed down as follows: 

Business formal dress is the standard dress code for all staff members. 

Employees need to be dressed professionally. 

Clothes should be clean and properly pressed. 

Clothes should respect local tradition and culture 

T-shirts, athletic shoes, and local traditional clothes are not allowed. 

Head of departments are responsible for monitoring and enforcing this policy. 

The policy will be administered according to the following action steps: 


If questionable clothes is worn in the office, either HR representative or the respective Division Officer / Head of Department will hold a personal, private discussion with the employee to advice and counsel the employee regarding the inappropriateness of the attire. 

Repeated policy violations will result in a disciplinary action. 

Use of Alcohol and other Behavior Altering Substances 

Employees shall not present themselves for work under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and/or other behavior altering substances. The consumption or use of alcohol, drugs and other behavior altering substances on LMMPO premises or during the working hours is unacceptable. 

An employee taking prescribed drugs that might affect his/her performance should discuss the matter with his/her immediate supervisor and HR. 

Violation of this policy, if proven, may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. 


The Weapons 

A  weapon  is  defined  as:  an  instrument  of  offensive  or  defensive  combat,  something  to  fight  with anything . This   includes,   but   is   not   limited   to,   firearms,   bows,   knives,   etc.  Ammunition  is  any  material  capable  of  being  projected  by  a  weapon  and  makes  the  weapon  operational. 

Possession, use or displays of weapons are not acceptable in the Organization for any reason other than protection of employees and in specific circumstances under the approval of the Organization security in-charge.  Members  of  the  public  invited  to  visit  the  organization  should  not  be  allowed  to  bring  weapons  with them.  

Weapons and ammunition should be prohibited as following: 

No  weapon  shall  be  worn,  displayed,  used  or  possessed  in  the  organization. 

The  security  guard  may  grant  permission  in  writing  to  an  individual  to  possess  a  weapon  in  the  organization  in  special  circumstances  and  under conditions as approved by the CEO. 

Any  employee  who  violates  the  policy  shall  be  notified  of  the  violation  and  subject  to  disciplinary sanctions under the applicable discipline process. 

 The fraud or Fiscal improprieties   

LMMPO expects that all staff to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and to ensure their compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies. Any accounting fraud or other fiscal impropriety is strictly prohibited. Some examples of fiscal improprieties include, but are not limited to: 

Unauthorized or unethical use of LMMPO funds; 

Fraudulent accounting or reporting of expenditures; 

Illegal or unethical fiscal activity (e.g., theft, embezzlement, etc.); 

Improperly gaining or potentially gaining financial benefit from beneficiaries. 

A willful failure to report a fiscal impropriety may be considered as aiding the wrongdoer. In addition to disciplinary action and/or termination of employment, fiscal impropriety may result in personal liabilities to the wrongdoer and criminal prosecution in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of Yemen. 


Employees are not permitted to make statement (in any manner whatsoever) to the press and /or other media. The only authorized person to make statements to media is the CEO or any other delegated staff member like the Spokesperson or Media Officer. 


This policy articulates LMMPO commitment to avoid any involvement in terrorist activities, avoid supporting terrorism and avoid supporting individuals and organizations that support terrorism. This policy also articulates LMMPO commitment to complying with Yemen laws and United Nation’s resolutions relating to Anti-terrorism. 

LMMPO acknowledges that Yemen Government Laws prohibits dealing with listed terrorist organizations and/or persons or entities.   LMMPO acknowledges its obligations under these laws and therefore will exercise all reasonable care and make every reasonable effort to ensure that its funds and program activities are not misused to further terrorism or support terrorist activities.  

LMMPO will confirm all information like identity, credentials and good standing of the people and organizations it supports and will check that these people or organizations are not on the prohibited lists maintained by the Government. And, will report any known or suspected terrorist links to the relevant national authority.  

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