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Om Ala's

Now I Have an Income 

Om Ala’a, 32 years old, is a mother of 4 children who are living in one of the IDP hosting sites in Rub Al-Sham sub-district, Az-Zuhra district of Hodeida governorate as internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have been displaced for the second time. Om Ala’a used to live in Al-Mazraq IDP camp before the crisis erupted in 2015. Om Ala’a said, “There is no source of income for the family.” She added, “In the past, when we needed to buy food or medicine, nobody was willing to assist us or give us items on credit because of my debts”. Since the displacement, her family has been living difficult times and she was facing difficulties in feeding herself and her family under these circumstances. Life Makers Meeting Place Organization (LMMPO) has identified Om Ala’a as an eligible beneficiary for the food assistance (unconditional cash assistance) for 6 consecutive months with an average of a monthly amount at 50200YER (equivalent to 90$). From the monthly food assistance, she was able to save some money to purchase a new sewing machine as she is quite adept at sewing. Om Ala’a said, “When I started sewing, the news that I am a dressmaker spread and now I have a source of income.”  Om Alaa added, “This machine helped me work more neatly so my work developed and people started to hear about my work which helped improve my income.”  Now she started buying new fabrics in order to expand her business further. The food assistance via unconditional cash transfer provided by LMMPO for 6 rounds helped improve her livelihood and ensured a permanent source of income for her family by working on the sewing machine and practicing her skills with continuous development. With support from Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), LMMPO has implemented the Provision of Integrated Food & WASH assistance to IDP households living in IDP sites in Rub Al Sham sub district of Al Zuhra district, Al Hodeida where Om Ala’a was among 384 IDP HHs supported with food assistance (unconditional cash transfer) for 6 consecutive months with an average monthly amount of 50,200YER (equivalent to 90$) as per the Food Security & Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) standards.


YHF Funded Project#20668

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