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Our Health Condition Improved a lot

Fatima is a 65-year-old woman who lives with her son and his children in a small translational shelter built with mud in Rub Al-Sham Sub-district, Az-Zuhrah district of Hodeida Governorate. Fatima’s family used to have a bathroom before displacement, but when they were displaced to Rub Al-Sham Sub-district, their life condition became extremely bad as they no longer had the basic needs of normal life such as the house, the furniture, and access to safe sanitation. Everything just worsened. Fatima sadly said, “we have a latrine made of mud and it collapses frequently and we rebuild it again”. She added, “Children defecate in the open at the yard of the residence and that led to diseases.”  Then spread of diseases increased due to the lack of clean sanitation, and they suffered from bad smells. Life Makers Meeting Place Organization (LMMPO) has identified 72 families (352 individuals) as beneficiaries from family latrine construction. These families are also beneficiaries from water supply via the constructed 4 communal water tanks. Moreover, Fatima’s son has confirmed that the smells disappeared and diseases decreased after the construction of the family latrine. Fatima confirmed, “I benefit from the latrine and diseases decreased”. With support from Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), LMMPO has implemented the Provision of Integrated Food & WASH assistance to IDP households living in IDP sites in Rub Al Sham sub district of Al Zuhra district, Al Hodeida where Fatima was among 352 beneficiaries from the construction of family latrines and 3182 individuals who have been served with an access to sustainable water supply via the rehabilitation and installation of two wells (Al-Hashmyiah & Shaglah wells), construction of 32,000 cubic meters tower tank and installation of 4 communal water tanks within 4 IDP hosting sites in Rub Al-Sham, Az-Zuhra district in Hodedia governorate.

YHF Funded Project#20668       

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