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Ali's Goats

I could save my daily wages to buy

Ali, one of the project's beneficiaries, is 38-year-old from Al Suqnah District, Al Hodeida Governorate. He is married and has 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. He is a motorbike repairman for daily wages which are not enough to feed himself and his children.



 Ali has been working really hard to feed his children and hardly earned a living to provide some of their basic needs e.g., cloths and education. Nevertheless, he never loses hope. Ali was targeted by LMMPO with its food and WASH project #9582 with an intervention of food basket provision in 3 consecutive rounds and a one-off hygiene kit.




In an interview with Ali, he stated "Because of the food assistance I received, I could save my daily wages to buy clothes, solar system set, and a small TV set for my children. I felt I got the happiness I was looking for that I didn't get for ages." Ali becomes able to save money to provide other needs of his children. Ali thought ahead of the period after the end of this project, so he bought 7 goats that will help him in providing livelihood for the family in future. 


  Ali added, " The project has made me able to save some money with which I could buy some goats and provide some important needs for my family. In this harsh situation one cannot cover their families' basic needs, but the project has taken a heavy burden off my shoulders". He concluded, "these projects should repeat for my family and other similar families which live under sever conditions, and I hope I can participate in these projects which have achieved some of my family's hopes".

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