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Project Name

rovision of Life-Saving Multi-Sector Food and Emergency wash assistance for the most affected IDPs and Host Communities in
AL-Sukhnah and Al-Qanawes Districts of Hodeidah Governorate #
YEM-17/3420/1SA 2017/FSAC-WASH/NGO/5982.


Summary of the project:

LMMPO implemented a food and WASH project, funded by YHPF (Project Code #5982), in Al-Sukhnah and Al-Qanawes districts of Al-Hodeida Governorate from July 2017 to July 2018. The project succeeded in addressing the unmet food needs and lack of wash basic services and reached 25579 vulnerable persons including children, pregnant and lactating women. Food baskets were provided for 3700 HHs for three months and WASH services were provided including 86 latrines construction, awareness raising sessions, distribution of hygiene consumable kits, rehabilitation of WASH in 3 health facilities and 2 wells rehabilitation. The project helped thousands of vulnerable people with sufficient and adequate food assistance for 3 months and improved their WASH status.



Al-Sukhnah and Al-Qanawes districts, Hodeida Governorate.


86 communal latrines for affected communities in Al-Sukhanh.



Main outcomes

    - 3700 HHs were provided with food baskets for 3 consecutive months in both districts.
    - 86 communal latrines for affected communities Al-Sukhnah were constructed with a proper sewage system for each latrine.
    3700 HHs were provided with hygiene consumable kits including 2 (20L) jerry cans in both districts.
    80 awareness sessions were conducted in WASH related hygiene practices.
    WASH in 3 health centers in Al-Sukhnah District were improved for better public health and prevention of contamination at these centers.
    Two wells were rehabilitated via covering and protection in Al-Sukhnah District.


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