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Empowerment for 50 Entrepreneurs in Sana’a – Yemen

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranked by the 2020 Human Development Report of UNDP in the 179th position worldwide among 189 countries. Consistently in the bottom 20 countries throughout

the past two decades according to the same reports, the already impoverished population faced even bigger humanitarian pressures as the 2015 war continued to spiral out of control, leading UNICEF to describe it as “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world”.

In this war-torn country, people lost their lives and livelihoods, nothing like its appellation by the ancient Greek as the Arabia Flex—i.e., happy Arabia. As if the implications of the armed conflicts were not enough, in 2020 the country (like all other countries) was hit by a massive wave of coronavirus outbreaks, affecting all facets and dimensions of life. The overall impact on the economy was immense, through which entrepreneurial projects suffered the most.

The overall objective of the project is: to provide 50 young men and women entrepreneurs with basic market-relevant skills and know-how to empower them to sustainably develop, plan and manage their businesses towards success.

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