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Handover of water project

Within the project of Provision of Integrated Food & WASH assistance to IDP households living in IDP sites in Rub Al Sham sub-district of Al Zuhra district,

Al Hodeida Governorate, funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), a committee consisting of the project manager, the supervising engineer, M&E staff, a geologist from the Rural Water Authority in Al Hodeida and representatives of the SCMCHA branch in Al Hodeida and the local authority in Al-Zahra district, carried out the initial receipt of the rehabilitation works of the Shaghla and Al-Hashimiya water wells, the installation of solar-powered pumping systems, the construction of a tower tank, and the establishment of 4 water distribution points in the sites of Basra, Al-Jarb, Al-Habil, Deir Finjan, in Rub Al-Sham subdistrict, Al-Zuhra district of AL Hodeida Governorate. The committee also handed over the components of the two wells and the responsibility for operating the wells to the operating committees nominated by the local authorities in the area.

Approximately 445 IDP and host community HHs benefit from this activity. With this measure, all project activities have been completed.

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