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My and my wife Dream realized

3 miles away from the center of Al-Sukhna district at Hodeida governorate, Mohammed Sulaiman (40 years old) lives in the village of Deer Dawood and has 8 children; due to the humanitarian and catastrophic situation of the governorate of Hodeida, most of the  livestock that were owned by the family were sold in order to provide a living for 10 people in the shadow of lack of employment opportunities, which are already limited in the village and its surroundings.

The primary reliance of Mohammed’s family was on raising sheep and selling them in the crisis.

The deteriorated situation in the whole country has led to a weakened the opportunities and their main source of income decreased due to the high prices of food and other  necessary life-saving services. Mohammed is working in a daily paid job for 12 hours a day.

The return of this intermittent labour is very little money and it barely covers the food needs on daily basis.

Life Makers Meeting Place Organization (LMMPO) has targeted the vulnerable families in Dar Dawood village in Al-Sukhna district of Hodeida governorate with a food vouchers for a period of six consecutive months.

Mohammed was one of the selected families on which the assistance has a great impact as the family has had enough food for the whole during the six rounds.

During the past six months, Mohammed was able to save the money he used to spend on food to buy a small cow, which everyone dreams of benefiting from it to feed the family with her milk, as well as selling calves in the future. Mohammed stated that "Thanks to God that my and my wife dream realized by owning a cow and thanks to God and thanks to the help of LMMPO,

"Mohammed said.

"We thank the Life Makers Organization for providing this aid, and God returned the smile to our home from the first of the ghettos, and now I can answer the children's needs of clothes and treatment," he added.

With support from the Yemen Humanitarian Pooled Fund (YHPF), LMMPO has provided food vouchers for Mohammed’s family for 6 consecutive months as per the FSAC minimum standards food basket in addition to IEC materials on best food practices. Mohammed’s family was one of 2000HHs targeted and provided with the voucher for food assistance in  Al-Sukhna district.

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