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Success stories

Ali Mabkari (33 years old) lives in the village of Deir Al-Bahri, Al-Zaidiyah District, Hodeidah Governorate, and he feeds a family of 6 members.
Because of deteriorating economic and security situation in Hodeidah, he tried hard and in various ways to preserve the continuity of his children in education because of its importance in shaping their unknown future as he mentioned.
Before the recent unfortunate events, Ali was keen that all his children go to school, just like the rest of the children of the village. Ali used to have a large agricultural area with income covering his family's daily needs and the needs of his children's school. In
a meeting with Ali, he explained to us that he stopped cultivating his land due to the high prices of fuel that led to an increase in the costs of tillage, seeds, and pesticides, irrigation in addition to crops being infected with disease, which led to his land became a burden on him.
"I became unable to pay the costs of my children 's (a boy and a girl) enrollment in school so it was the most appropriate option to have them leave school as I had no other option", Ali explained.
Life Makers Meeting Place Organization (LMMPO) funded by the Yemen Humanitarian pooled Fund (YHPF) targeted
Deir Al-Bahri village and provided agricultural inputs to vulnerable BNF HHs as well as training them on agricultural issues and Ali was on one of the beneficiaries of the project. Ali was trained and equipped with required agricultural skills correct practices.
He was also provided with watermelon seeds, a 1000-liter capacity water tank, and agricultural tools as well as plowing his land (¼ hectares - the area proposed in the project).
After intervention, Ali planted the seeds and the seedlings grew well.
Ali says, "LMMPO's field survey team came and registered my name as a beneficiary and raised in me a spirit of hope.
I were trained on how to plant, how to fight plant diseases, how to fertilize, and how to market and store the seeds for the coming seasons.
They also plowed my land and provided me with agricultural tools and excellent seed types that I had not seen before,".
Ali added, "Braise be to God, my land has been perfectly planted, and the fruiting is excellent, as you can see, and that is because of the good quality of the seeds that are disease-resistant; Thanks to LMMPO, I achieved great success, which is the return of my children to school as I always felt guilty that I deprived them from school education and my heart was in pain.
I have promised myself that I will continue planting my land and pay for my children's school to continue their educational journey."
With support of the Yemen Humanitarian Pooled Fund, Life Makers Meeting Place Organization (LMMPO) has implemented the Emergency Food and Agriculture Assistance Project for Vulnerable IDPs and Host Communities
in Al-Sukhna and Al-Zaidiya districts targeting 300 beneficiary HHs with agricultural assistance, one of whom was Ali. The assistance was provided to beneficiaries through providing them with seeds (watermelon and tomatoes), a 1000-liter capacity water tank, agricultural tools, training, and plowing ¼ hectares of land, for each beneficiary. The beneficiaries were basically trained in theory and practice on agricultural matters, which include agricultural operations, storage and marketing methods, how to multiply seeds for the next season, and the way to fight diseases naturally, as well as the use of local manure and its usefulness for the plant and the agricultural environment. Generally, a number of 300 beneficiary farmers were trained in Al-Zaidiya District, Al-Hodeida Governorate.

Ali Mabkari


Education Light has Returned
to Our Home after It Had Extinguished

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