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this business is sufficient Enough to provide Food and clothing to my family

Established My Own Business 

Abdulkareem, a 26-year-old man living with a family of 7 members Abdulkareem was displaced with his family from Kilo 7 area of Hodeida city where he used to have two little street Mafresh (fixed cart) as street vendor in two locations one in Al-Halaqa area and the other in Al-Mehwat area.

But everything was disrupted because of the security deterioration nearby their living area.

He had to move with his family to Zaid Street within Al-Hali district seeking a safer shelter.

“After that, the conflict occurred and we displaced from Al Halaqa area to Zayed Street in Al-Hali district, we lost our homes

and  I returned to work on the motorbike” he explained. Life Makers Meeting Place Organization (LMMPO) has targeted almost all displaced persons within the district. Abdulkareem was selected as an IDP who lost his livelihood to receive a cash assistance for 6 months. The net monthly amount was 45000YER.

“When I received in the first amount, I paid my debts

… the second month, I borrowed extra money and bought water thermos and a Mafresh and I paid the debts in the third and fourth months” Abdulkarim said.

He added that “thanks God, I have benefited from LMMPO assistance and established my own business …juice making”.

He added “Thanks to Allah, my situation has improved as before - this business is sufficient enough to provide food and clothing to my family”.

The living condition has improved better than before for the whole family.

With support of the Yemen Humanitarian Pooled Fund (YHPF), LMMPO has implemented a life-saving food emergency assistance project for the most affected IDPs and Host Communities in Al-Hali district in Hodeida governorate where cash assistance was provided to 700 vulnerable HHs, one of whom was Abdulkareem. A cash assistance was provided for 6 consecutive months to all beneficiaries with a monthly net amount of 45,000YER as per the FSAC standards.

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