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We suffered

a lot and now our situation has improved

a lot compared to the time before

Muneer, 38 years old, is displaced with his wife and two daughters and they currently live behind Hawshab gas station in Al-Hali district, Hodeida governorate.

 Muneer used to work as a driver for a local CSO but he lost this job due to security situation. He has no source of income except the motorbike which is the common source for thousands of families in Hodeida. He drives customers to where they want to go. What he earned is barely enough to survive.

"The highest income from working with my motorbike is hardly covering the daily food expenses”, said Muneer.

With the continuous economic and security deterioration, the situation has become more worse for almost all IDPs.

Muneer was registered as IDP beneficiary by Life Makers Meeting Place Organization (LMMPO) field staff.

A monthly cash assistance of 45000YER was provided to Muneer and his family for 6 consecutive months. Muneer has taken the advantage of the first round of the received cash to purchase a second-hand sewing machine for his wife who used to have one.

In the second round he purchased hairdressing tools.

"I started buying some hairdressing items even if they were used from some of my friends", Muneer’s wife said.

 The family started their business selling perfumes and sewing for friends and that led to improved daily income little by little in terms of household various expenses, food expenses, house rent, and school expenses for the daughter.

"We suffered a lot and now our situation has improved a lot compared to the time before”.

Monir said.   “Thanks to Allah … we have solidarity, affection and mercy … and that has helped us in advancing our businesses, though they are small … thanks to my husband and LMMPO" Muneer’s wife gratefully concluded.

Muneer’s family can rely on themselves after project phased out.

With support of the Yemen Humanitarian Pooled Fund (YHPF), LMMPO has implemented a life-saving food emergency assistance project for the most affected IDPs and Host Communities in Al-Hali district in Hodeida governorate where cash assistance was provided to 700 vulnerable HHs, one of whom was Abdulkareem. A cash assistance was provided for 6 consecutive months to all beneficiaries with a monthly net amount of 45,000YER as per the FSAC standards.

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