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A Dream



 have been sick for nine years. I can only move a little because of an illness in my blood. I use a bag of blood every week.

When I want to go to toilet, I use plastic bags for my human waste because I can not go away far enough. My family were suffering from moving me far away out and back for toilet, so I had to put my human waste in plastic bags for them to throw away. I was very sad and wished I could build a small bathroom to lighten the burden on my family and to protect them from diseases and epidemics, but unfortunately, I could not afford to buy even a bag of cement or a block.

The Life Makers Meeting Place Organization came and assessed the extent of my need for a bathroom in my house. Then I waited until one day one of its staff informed me that I was selected among the beneficiaries of bathrooms. 

That moment, I no longer felt pain because of the joy I felt as I saw my dream that I waited for a long time was coming true. 

I could not sleep that night because of joy and I could imagine my life and the situation of my family would change and the suffering would end.  

When construction of our bathroom started, I saw my dream coming true before my eyes. Now our life has changed with our own bathroom. I no longer make any member of my family tired and no longer feel guilty about it. Thank you to the Life Makers Meeting Place . Actually, you have alleviated my pain, and I almost forgot about my illness.

The video will be available soon

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