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Water is Back to our House

With support from the Yemen Humanitarian Pooled Fund (YHPF),LMMPO has provided solar pumping systems for 6 wells in Al-Sukhnah and Al-Zaydiyah districts, Hodeidah Governorate, serving 8464 vulnerable population and helped in the reduction of water unit prices by 60% in addition to construction of 360 community latrines and distribution of basic hygiene kits.

Ahmed Futaini, 33-year-old, lives with his family of 4 members including his mother, in Mahal Al-Rowaid village in

Al-Sukhnah District Hodeida governorate. What is  observed from first sight, the voices are raised in search of urgent humanitarian aid because of the humanitarian and catastrophic situation in  Hodeida governorate, where most of the families have lost their jobs and livestock.

Ahmed is a poor man working hard to guarantee basic needs for his family and buy medicine for his sick son.

He hardly affords the monthly medicines for his child leading to inability to afford water bills.

What makes it worse is that the water has been cut off from his house for about a year and a half. Since that time, there has been so much hardships for Ahmed and his family, "we used to go to fetch water from other villages which has been so hard and suffering for us".

Life Makers Meeting Place Organization (LMMPO) has targeted the village of Mahal Al-Rowaid where Ahmed Futaini lives and it installed a complete solar system for the water pump that used to operate with expensive fuel.

After intervention, the admin of the water project in the village decided to return back the water-meter to those who

were unable to pay in previous periods.

The water-meter was  re-installed after settlement of all pending bills by administration of the water supply and water is flowing to Ahmed’s house in addition to many other houses with a decrease in the price of water for all by 60%. He is able now to afford getting drinking water via water network.

Ahmed said, “But now thanks to Allah, water is back to our house ... We feel really happy today for having water in the house after long time painful suffering” he added. The time spent on water fetching is now used to find a work to provide the other family basic requirements.

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