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I can afford to buy medicine for my husband

Our life condition is so hard, and my husband is sick with a heart disease. I have some problems in my eyes that I can only hardly see with them. I used to sell Lahooh (local bread) before, but when I lost sight, I gave up. Moreover, we do not have a house. Only a benefactor man gave us this house to live in it for two years, but after the two years had passed, we were still couldn't manage finding a house and therefore the landlord generously allowed us to continue living in the house. 

I am blind and I do not see anything. I only see very little with the right eye and sometimes I do not see anything, so I stopped selling Lahooh as I said. But LMMPO's people gave us flour, wheat, sugar, beans, salt and two bottles of oil, thanks Allah. We hope this will continue. We see this food basket as important as the whole life.

The money we used to buy flour and sugar with before, now we use it to buy other necessities and ingredients to make incense and also other stuff.  Now I sell incense, perfumes, and combs and feed my children. However, sometimes I sell things on loans, but we have to struggle for our lives.

I go selling my things carrying them on my head. I go to Al-Khabt

(a place) and go to faraway places and villages. Sometimes, I get back home at dusk time and sometimes after dusk. Sometimes I find a motorbike to take me home, and sometimes I walk. When I get home, I find my children are still without dinner sometimes. 

I sell things for three or four thousand rials a day . Some customers do not have money to buy with so they just give wheat or sugar in exchange for the stuff they buy. However, we thank Allah; we are in a much better situation now. We were in a miserable  situation compared to now. Now, I sell incense and I can afford to buy medicine for my husband. In addition, I can feed  my two widowed daughters. We thank the Life Makers Meeting Place Organization, which gave us food assistance, and we hope it will continue doing such great work

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