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Emergency in-kind food assistance (Thi Assufal District of Ibb)

food assistance

The Humanitarian Forum - Yemen and the Life Makers Forum contribute to the emergency response to the humanitarian needs of the displaced in Ibb Governorate - Dhi Al-Saffal District, Al-Qaeda City through their participation in the food and non-food relief project funded by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). The project includes the distribution of food baskets to a number of (387) families and 231 families for food items, and this was carried out, and a tribal survey included (404) families that were monitored and their basic food and non-food needs were identified. Among the poorest families (and the geographical scope in which the surveyors team will work to monitor and collect data has been determined, there are (10) surveyors and data entry operators. A large list of social figures, the local authority, mosque preachers, neighborhood leaders, school directors and community leaders were contacted and coordinated as information providers and main supporters. Coordination was made with government agencies in the governorate center through an officer and evaluation, Mr. Nouman Al-Hakami from the Humanitarian Forum. The distribution was made to three phases, the first phase of January - February 2017 AD The second phase of March - April 2017 AD The third phase from May - June 2017. The humanitarian forum was attended and supervised by Mr. Noaman Al-Hakami, the project officer, and participated in the Life Makers Forum Food distribution Brother / Muhammad Al-Areeqi



(Thi Assufal District of Ibb


2322 beneficiaries



Main outcomes

    Food distribution for 387 families for three rounds.


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