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An Emergency Cash Transfer to 120 families affected by the Recent Flash Floods in Berlin Neighborhood - Azal District, Amanat Al-Asima- YEM014


Yemen experienced exceptionally heavy rains in 2020. The rains started from mid-April and continued pouring for nearly 5 months till August, causing severe damage and loss of life in several governorates across the country. According to the Floodlist website , 35,000 families have been affected by the floods. There are also reports that flooding has moved landmines and other explosive devices into areas not previously contaminated.

According to the Yemen Flash Floods Flash Update No. 4 (August 2011) published by OCHA , there were 256 casualties inclusing 131 deaths in the northern governorates, 106 homes and private and public facilities have been destroyed and 156 have been damaged.

Sanaa governorate was one of the severely affected governorates. The heavy rains and flash floods of August 2020 have damaged several houses. Many houses have collapsed or partially collapsed and many others have developed leakages in their roofs, leaving families without shelter in the midst of harsh weather conditions. Shoab, Maeen, As-Sabeen, Sana’a old city, Azal & Bani Al-Harith were some of the worst affected districts of Amanat Al A’asima (the Capital Secretariat) with severe damages to the houses and properties.

Azal District was one of the most affected districts. Al Noqom neighbourhood is located at the foot of the Noqom mountain. The flash floods have washed off everything in their way in this neighbourhood. 35 families have been displaced; 14 vehicles and 8 houses have been severely damaged and three children have lost their lives. Azal district is a poor district. Many poor and marginalized families live in this district in very small houses. There was an urgent need to reach out to the families affected by flood in Azal district and provide them emergency assistance. LMMPO had worked in the district before and had contacts in the community which informed it about the emergency. This triggered the response.



Amanat Al-Asimah


861 people affected



Main outcomes

    126 HHs benefiting from emergency unconditional cash assistance


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