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13 Years of Success

Project Name

Creative Child Program


Life Makers Forum implemented the first training program, and this program is unique in its kind, as it held many activities that seek to develop children's skills and discover their talents through the implementation of the following themes:
• Developing children's skills (power of observation - speed - visual intelligence - auditory intelligence (rhythmic) - emotional intelligence - social intelligence).
• Develop imaginative and creative skills and abilities and discover the child's latent abilities to nurture and develop them.
• (Developing behavioral skills, how do we deal with those around us) (Child's behavior at home, on the street, at school.
• Develop communication and thinking skills (how does the child reach the top of flow and flow of thinking?) and implant the principles of positive thinking.
• Teaching him how to be creative in solving problems by inventing creative and innovative solutions instead of exhausting his mind thinking about the problem itself.
• Making celebrations and cultural competitions for children.
• Doing a range of recreational activities, football, craft skills and manual skills to discover children's talents.
• Development of mental arithmetic for arithmetic operations without paper and pen.
• Memorizing the Holy Qur'an
• Develop the skills of recitation, presentation and presentation and get rid of fear of facing the public.
• Developing children's memory and remembrance skills and bringing them to a state of sharp focus, quick intuition, memory strength, accuracy, and the ability to retrieve and recall information easily.
• Develop brainstorming skills and principles.
• Training in the use of mind maps.
• Cultivating the values ​​of etiquette (honesty - honesty - etiquette of listening - etiquette of speech - etiquette of food)
• Instilling a love of reading in children.

This is under the supervision of consultants specialized in modern and rapid learning and under full educational supervision. A number of teachers have also been trained and rehabilitated on how to deal with children.

Main outcomes

Develop the skills and ideas of children


Amanat Al-Asimah



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