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13 Years of Success

Project Name

Wasl project to advocate the outcomes of the National Dialogue with regards to sustainable development.


Within the framework of the support of international and local organizations for the national dialogue, and in light of the international sponsorship of dialogue in Yemen, the only way out of the crisis in which Yemenis have been living since 2011, or the so-called Arab Spring, which led to the change of many regimes in a group of Arab countries, including Yemen, which is considered The situation is better than the rest of the Arab Spring countries, because of the peaceful handover of power and the tendency of Yemenis towards dialogue to discuss their problems and solve them. Adopted by the Life Makers Forum with the support of the Response Project..
Our project is (a project to connect the views of young people and women participating in the National Dialogue Conference with those who represent them in the Comprehensive National Dialogue Conference and express their will).
According to the approved methodology for selecting 40 women, 40 young men and women from the independents as representatives of 70% of the Yemeni society members of the youth and women groups, and due to the shortcomings in the process of continuous communication and the ability to obtain information for this group because they are unable to obtain information about their representatives In the National Dialogue Conference, due to the lack of adequate opportunities for individuals who did not know each other in the past, and unfortunately, this missing link for these groups is politically unorganized due to their independence and the lack of material capabilities and technical and logistical support for them to be able to communicate effectively and continuously with society and the groups they represent in the National Dialogue for consultation With her, she discusses, studies, analyzes and exchanges information, opinions and ideas, and benefits from these meetings to truly express the groups that represent her.
And based on our awareness of our reality and the needs of women and youth participating in the national dialogue and after studying the problem and its causes and consulting with them on appropriate solutions that will address the imbalance by finding the missing link and strengthening the capacities of youth and women in the process of communicating with society to study the proposals and recommendations that came out of the dialogue conference in the first and second plenary sessions with Those who represent them, especially when they are politically independent and cannot use the capabilities of the political parties and forces participating in the dialogue, given the sensitivity of the situation and the impressions of the Yemeni street.
Therefore, what we will do is to create a communication and communication mechanism between the youth and women participating in the national dialogue and the society they represent in several major cities from the north through the round table discussions that we will hold and the civil hearings that will allow people the opportunity to meet with their representatives and provide their feedback on the recommendations proposals and exchange information and opinions about The most important topics and issues included in the National Dialogue Program, which are a priority for communities in each of the designated areas to hold these forums and civil hearings to hear the testimonies of community members and their positions to be taken into account when presenting visions and ideas aimed at building a new Yemen and addressing all pressing issues of the homeland. The project to connect the views of young people and women participating in the dialogue with their representatives in the local communities in all Yemeni cities directly targets the youth and women participating in the National Dialogue Conference, and the young leaders in society in all Yemeni cities of the youth and women categories, and indirectly targets the general public and various groups age, political and social, as its effects and results will be positively reflected on the society and the environment to which the targets directly belong.

Main outcomes

10 initiatives were supported to carry out their activities.
The position of the civil society on the outcomes of the national dialogue has been summarized in a booklet.


Amanat Al-Asimah – Amran,



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