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Success stories

With support from the Yemen Humanitarian Pooled Fund (YHPF),LMMPO has provided solar pumping systems for 6 wells in Al-Sukhnah and Al-Zaydiyah districts, Hodeidah Governorate, serving 8464 vulnerable population and helped in the reduction of water unit prices by 60% in addition to construction of 360 community latrines and distribution of basic hygiene kits.

Sadiqah is a seventy-three-year-old lady living in Al-Mesbar Village in Al-Sukhnah District with her husband, son and divorced daughter. The family has a small house that has been damaged by heavy rains. Sadiqah is sick with a clot that makes her unable to easily walk to the open for toilet. She said, "I used to walk for the open for the toilet and all people can see me … but now after I had got sick with a clot, I am not able to walk to the open and I use Qaratis (plastic bags)". Moreover, the family used to have a toilet built from mud and it is always destroyed in rains season. She said “we cannot rebuild the toilet nor from mud or stones, I really got tired”. Sadiqah and her husband and other elderly specially women in As-Sukhna district are suffering of same challenges; and they all go to the open and they are exposed to the dangers of snakes and other reptiles especially at night.

Life Makers Meeting Place (LMMPO) has targeted Sadiqah’s family as one of the beneficiaries from the activity of construction of community latrines. A latrine with sewer pit was built next to their residence. The family has also been targeted with hygiene awareness raising sessions to increase their awareness on importance of latrines and using soap for washing. Sadiqah stated, "the organization came and helped us by building a toilet for us. Thanks God, we are better than before. We have suffered a lot … but now we are honored and protected from going out to the open for toilet". The intervention has ended Sadiqah's burden and many of other families within As-Sukhna district from going to the open for toilet. The latrine has preserved the family's dignity and privacy and has kept their environment clean.



Honored and Protected!

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